Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whistle Stop & Re-claiming the Flag

We took a break from painting and organizing this weekend to take part in the Obama Inaugural Whistle Stop Tour. We didn't want to miss out on this opportunity so we, along with our neighbor Kelly and her family, and my cousin Philip headed downtown early and spent a very cold 5 hours waiting for Obama to arrive. It was another 2 hours after his arrival before we were warm again but every one of us agreed it was worth it!

We decided we had enough of standing around in the cold on Saturday and we really couldn't top our view or experience so we stayed home in Baltimore and watched the inaugural activities from the warmth of Kelly's house with her and her family. To celebrate the inauguration of Barak Obama, we hung American Flags on our house and Kelly's house. We've had our flag for a couple of years now but just didn't feel motivated to display it until now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting there...

It really is finally feeling like home. Each week, we are making progress with our painting, furnishing, and general organization of the house. The posts have slowed down a bit, but there's plenty more to show so keep stopping by.

The new master bedroom his/her closet walk thru

Master bathroom with mirror

Guest bathroom (still needs a shower curtain)

The den

The new 2nd floor hallway leading to the den, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom

Best of all, this Saturday Marisa and I are heading to Baltimore's City Hall to see President-elect Obama give a whistle stop speech enroute to DC. What a coup if I could convince him that living in Baltimore is not only better, but more affordable. Ok, I'll get off the work soap box.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Marisa and I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on 2008 and ready ourselves for 2009. We were fortunate to have had a very good year in 2008, not only in our respective careers, but also our health, our community, and our families.

To celebrate, we thought today was a great time to introduce our beautiful NEW FRONT DOOR. For those of you reading who are not in Baltimore, the door has been installed since September and painted in October. We still have some work going on in the house, and we will continue to highlight those efforts here.

It all started with the door.

The Old Front Door

Our New Front Door!

Happy New Year!