Friday, May 22, 2009

What will it be? Cast your vote!

Ok, we have a long weekend in town and Marisa and I have several projects we "could" tackle this weekend, but we need your help. Vote for the project you'd like to see get compelted:

1. Build a second set of shelves in the basement.
2. Stain the back patio concrete.
3. Install a new door bell.
4. Seal and paint the basement walls.
5. Install the cable outlet box in the living room.
6. Sit out back and drink cocktails all weekend.

Please don't vote for #6. We'll most likely do that with or without your vote.


Jen said...

I vote for #2!!! Since it's now gorgeous out, get that back patio done since you'll be out there allll summer!! :)

Marisa said...

I vote for #6! Its a holiday projects.

Summer said...

#2 and then #3. You'll want to be outside as much as possible! and THEN #6!

I'm working on my house all weekend too so you've got good company. :-)

Kevin and Jill said...

I vote for new doorbell. To stay festive, you could get one that plays a patriotic song :)