Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Thinking back over the year, we've actually done more work than we realize on the house. The "To-Do" list never seems to get any shorter so it isn't obvious I guess.
Back in September, I extended the basement shelves, bringing them all the way to the back of the house. Big Steve would have been horrified by my methods! I cannot cut a straight line even with a chalk line. I failed to put in as much support as he did on the shelves themselves (didn't realize that till they were already installed. But mine seem to be holding up just fine!). I also let them free float rather than anchoring them to the ceiling. But the craziest part was installing them. I very carefully used the level and measured the length of each support...once the bottom shelf is installed and level, theoretically, the supports up from there should all be equivalent lengths, right? WRONG! They were all different! I kept thinking "this can't be right". Measure twice, cut once I did and weirdly, the multiple height supports resulted in level shelves. I still don't know why it worked but it did!

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