Friday, June 27, 2008


So we thought we were in the clear by submitting the tax credit applications in early March. Expecting a 60-day review from the State of Maryland, we would be on track for a May demolition start. Wrong. We overlooked the time involved in one minor step…Financing. Bradford Bank, a local Baltimore bank, manages the Healthy Neighborhoods program. Our loan process was smooth, but it is not an overnight process. Our loan officers at Bradford were great and we meandered the great valley of future debt without any problems. A flawless closing in early June put us well on our way to our June demolition start. So with the Baltimore summer heat upon us, let’s start tearing up this old house!

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Jon said...

Wow! Did you have to totally move out of the house or are you living in the basement?? Looks like a good time. At least you are smart enough to have hired somebody to do the work.

ps - seen Jenna Bush around town yet?