Monday, June 30, 2008

Movin’ on Out!

Eventually, we have to move everything out or to the basement because all the floors will be refinished but till then, we get one large bedroom, small bathroom, and the kitchen. Everything else had to be boxed-up and moved out to Canton Self Storage. I wanted to hire movers to do the heavy lifting but Steve had an even better idea (though I was skeptical at first). We rented an in-town U-Haul and hired 3 day-workers from Casa de Maryland. Pedro, Jose, and Hector were awesome! They were extremely respectful, polite, and they worked really hard. They had all the stuff we had ready to go, moved out and into storage in less than 3 hours! And we were paying them hourly. Communication wasn’t too bad, their English was much better than our Spanish! Casa is a great organization. They provide help and services to the immigrant population of Baltimore and DC and provide a safe way for the day-workers to find work.

The move; however, is not over. My procrastinator of a husband had hardly any of his stuff boxed up and ready to go when Pedro, Jose, and Hector were helping us so we-correction-he- should be making trips to the storage bin to get the stuff out of the way of the contractors. But we’ve been busy with the neighborhood, new godsons, and work. So in the meantime the house is a bit chaotic as you can probably tell from the photos.

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