Saturday, September 13, 2008

Its electric!

Last weekend Steve and I managed to pick out just about everything that we needed to. From towel bars to tile...even door knobs! We picked out our bathroom tile by visiting just one tile shop for 15's that for efficient?!?

As Steve said, the windows were installed last week just in time for tropical storm Hanna to test the house for water-tightness...we had a few failures! I think we had 3 leaking windows and 2 leaking spots in the roof from new vents. We're glad to find the leaks now and not after drywall goes up.

We had a delay in the electric work last week. Apparently the original electric subcontractor showed up for one hour one day, nailed in a couple blue boxes (which Steve could have even done) and left! So Baltimore Green Construction had to find a new sub, Milton Electric, who we've heard great things about from other people around the city! They started this week and have been running wires like crazy! Progress is a good thing!

....for those of you that know the story of Steve's last encounter with working with electricity, yes, that is a screw driver in his hand but don't worry, these lines are dead for now!

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Summer said...

ok, I'm curious now. What was Steve's last encounter with electricity?