Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paint by number…

Part of the wood door/window process was to select paint colors for the exterior. We knew we wanted black for the windows and frames. We needed a color for the front door, cornice and cornice trim piece.

I really didn’t know where to start since it should be historic colors and having an "oops" moment with the exterior wasn’t an option. It had to be right the first time. I went back to our architect Todd and Heather at Trace to talk paint. They suggested the Sherwin-Williams Historic Palette. I feel good about it since it is helping a Cleveland company (I’m loyal to several rust belt cities, not just Baltimore) and Trace has used this color palette throughout the neighborhood and I liked it on other houses.

Sherwin-Williams has an online visualizer, but apparently there is not enough demand from rowhome owners so the selection of home types they provide doesn’t really help since all the homes are detached and not brick. I went with a black and blue scheme, which I’ll share with you once we get it painted. I would give you the color names, but I’m afraid I’d actually get comments telling me those colors look like crap, so as if it were a baby name, you’ll have to wait until it is here to find out. Then you can tell me it looks like crap.

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