Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, here it is election day and we're not in the house...we missed my deadline! Though we could be in the house if we wanted to be so JD sorta pulled it off.
Steve and I still need to do lots of painting and the crews need to install light fixtures, electric outlets, and do some small clean-up tasks so we're probably a week away from being finished. But it will likely be Thanksgiving or later before we're actually moved back in cause we're headed down to Hilton Head Friday night and will be down there all of next week, not returning till Saturday 11/15.

Steve has lost all patience for the project. He was holding it together until his sister told him that they're already painting in her house...a big new house that they broke ground on in August. Our renovation has been going on since July!! Granted, renovating an exisiting house is more complicated than building new but it put Steve over the edge none-the-less. He was hitting the oreo cookies pretty hard to console himself last night!

We have a broomball game tonight and then an election results party. Hopefully the election goes the way we're hoping it goes. And hopefully that will cheer Steve up for a day and take his mind off the never ending home renovation project!

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