Friday, October 31, 2008

More Paint and Plumbing

Big Steve has been busy! The bathrooms and ceilings are all painted and look great!

Steve stayed out of Big Steve's way and stuck to what he's good at, stripping paint off the old chiffarobe detailing (the washer and dryer will go in here).

With the bathrooms painted, the plumbers were able to come! The Steves had to spend the day with no water and I hear they were washing brushes in the toilet tanks...ewww! Sinks and shower heads and toilets and the tankless water heater were all installed.

Master bath on 3rd floor:

Master bath faucet detail:

In our effort to be as green as possible, dual flush toilet in master bath:

And the master bath shower:

2nd floor guest bath sink:

And another dual flush toilet in the 2nd floor guest bath:

And finally, the tankless wather heater. It took my Uncle Joe 3 days and 6 trips to Home Depot to get his installed last year...our guys had this thing installed in a couple of hours!!

And now we're headed out of town for the weekend to go to Steve's cousin's wedding reception tonight in Youngstown. Its a Halloween costume party reception. I wasn't up to creating new costumes with everything else I have going on so we're reusing our Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe costumes from a couple years ago...luckily found them right away in the storage unit! Then Sunday we'll be in Cleveland for the Browns game. I'm not really a Browns fan, I like the Lions and the Bills and I like to see the Ravens win as well (I know, I know, I'm psychitsophrenic when it comes to my NFL loyalties) but I'll put on the orange and brown for a day and fake it!! If for no other reason than to not have a beer thrown at me!


Corey said...

Looks good. How you liking the toilet? We decided to get the same one.

Steve said...

Corey, no verdict on the toilet yet. Since we are still living at the neighbor's house, the toilet has been used lightly but so far so good. I'm sure we will weigh in later on after we move back in.