Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lights or Art?

Our weekend of painting did not prove to be as nearly as successful as we wanted. I had envisioned the entire house painted by Sunday evening. Instead we settled for "The Wall", the chifarobe wall, and the den. Not quite the whole house but still it was progress.

A finished view of the chifarobe wall:

The "squatters" quarters we are inhabiting with pets and laundry:

Marisa in action, notice there are no pictures of me? Someone is a camera hog:

Monday night, Steve Baker from Wholly Terra, the man responsible for our bottle lights in our kitchen, agreed to make three sconces, the master bathroom sconce, and a sculptural light piece for "The Wall". Steve does a lot with glass and metal out of his studio in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. We knew when it came to adding our personal touch to this project, we would do it through Steve's studio, and we were excited to see what he had designed for the house. After some nerve-racking installation maneuvers on "The Wall", he had everything in place and working. Great job Steve!

Chifarobe sconces:

The third floor landing sconce:

Master bathroom sconce (it looks odd not having a mirror yet, but that is on the list of things to get asap:

And the coolest, the sculpture. This measures 4 feet + in height, and roughly 32 inches in width. Steve designed this to flow upwards from the light source and actually "pull" off the wall. Here are some pics both at night and in daylight.


Corey said...

Looking great! I really like the Wholly Terra stuff - I think they did a transom on Eastern Avenue that i ADORE. I'd love it, but my wallet would hate me.

Marisa said...

The sconces actually weren't that expensive considering what lighting can run! About $120 each. I can't remember what the sculpture cost but it was much lower than I had expected.

Corey said...

That's not bad at all. Now I want a badass transom. :-)

whollyterra said...

hi guys!! i love the photos of work being done. a good rehab is an awesome thing, dirty but awesome. so a breakdown of prices for any one who wants to know. due to "the economy" here are revised prices 120 per sconce the vanity one was 300 and the sculpture was 660 all of these include me coming out and installing and any "consulting" i do to talk you into any of my crazy ideas... thanks again marisa and steve and enjoy! here comes the plug www.whollyterra.com