Monday, February 2, 2009

Basement Blowout

Sunday's sole job was to get the basement in order so that the following items could occur:

1) The mess from the 1st floor needs to go down into the basement.

2) The mess from the basement needs to be moved to the front of the basement so that we can build shelves in the rear of the basement.

3) The mess from the rear of the basement either needs to be donated, recycled, or trashed.

In the midst of sorting, recycling, trashing and moving, I found some real treasures in this mess.

A bottle of rum...with Marisa and my picture on it from our honeymoon. Letting it age.

A journal I shared with my mom, back in February 2002, until one of the cats threw up on it while it was in the basement. I have "cleaned" it and hope to send to mom soon!

A flea house fogger we bought when Ferris had a case of fleas and we over-reacted. Never needed to use it but too thrifty to throw it out.

Some people are found dead in their homes with years of newspapers surrounding them. Somehow we have amassed a granny's cart full of plastic bags for Ferris' #2s. I think we can spare a plastic bag here.

And finally the best of the day! This great warning not to pack your child with the x-mas decorations.

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