Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been meaning to keep the blog updated every Sunday, but given there is no penalty for missing a blog post, I quickly get behind.

After the big basement cleanup, we had planned a relaxing weekend with Big Steve (Dad) and Patti (Mom). After coffee, Big Steve wasn't so interested in checking out museums and instead re-directed us to National Lumber so that we could build the shelves Marisa had designed several months ago. Mom wasn't so thrilled with the plan, but she went along with the change of plans. Only Big Steve travels with the miter saw in the trunk of the car!

Marisa was determined to get her shelves built according to plan and she did.

After a couple of hours, the shelves were built and ready for our bins. To celebrate and thank them, we took them out for a great dinner at Peter's Inn.

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