Sunday, July 20, 2008

Major Changes Part II

What a great way to start my Friday, the third floor had been removed and the second floor was on the chopping block. The plan was to demo the back half of the second floor and begin removing the old windows and replacing with new frames and plywood. It’s going to look ugly for a while.

I had my favorite inspector stop by to check on the work, Primo and his dad (Marisa’s cousin), were kind enough to bring dinner for me on the boat afterwards.

This is a view into the rear of the second floor. This was one of the master bedrooms and bathrooms (the one with the wall-less shower that never quite worked the way it should have.

Where the claw foot tub sat.

The vanity

The toilet

Some old wallpaper that has been buried for who knows how long.

Even the front room was not immune to some demo. The windows are being replaced and the floors are being refinished. The room is also the holding place for the claw foot tub that will be reused on the new bathroom.

The front of the house looks like a couple of teeth have been busted out. Not sure how long the plywood will be in place, but it will give people sitting at the intersection something to talk about.

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