Friday, July 18, 2008

Major changes

I came home from work on Wednesday to find this, this can mean only one thing, major demo was coming soon!

Wednesday night meant I had to get the cats out of the house, a task I wish upon no one. Major thank you to Kelly our neighbor for taking Shenzi and Sambuca in with her two cats. Also thank you to Neosporin for promising to heal most of the scratches without scarring from trying to put two angry cats in carriers.

The electrician and plumber had been in on Monday thru Wednesday to tie off the electrical outlets and plumbing in the areas to be demolished. Ferris inspected the initial demo of the Playboy Grotto bathtub on our third floor.

Work passed!

On Thursday I came home and as I ascended the stairs, what normally would be the wall for the bathroom was now an open landscape of destruction!

Turning the corner to the front bedroom of the third floor, only the wall separating the future bedroom from the stairwell remained.

A view back toward the back of the third floor felt like this was someone else’s home.

Looking up was an astonishing site. We always had a dropped ceiling, with a plaster ceiling about a foot higher. Our architect suggested taking the new master bedroom ceiling all the way up to the rafters, I’m glad we agreed. How cool there is that much space above what we thought was an 8-9 foot ceiling.

RIP grotto tub…

Is the trash trying to tell Marisa and I something

Our former sinks, toilets, and tubs in the backyard


Summer said...

buh-bye porn-movie bathtub! Yay! some actual demolition!

how are the cats?

leslie said...

Trey laughed really hard when he read your comment about the playboy grotto bath tub!