Monday, July 14, 2008

Ottawa or on the Watta’

Marisa may have thought she was clever to have perfectly timed her “study abroad” during the worst part of construction (demolition), but I think I have out-smarted her on this one. I spent some time researching boats for rent and found this little gem floating on the Inner Harbor in Canton, an easy 15-minute walk from the house. The owners were gracious enough to give us a month-to-month lease which will end the second week of November when the marina shuts off the services to the boats for the winter.

This home away from home couldn’t be more perfect. It has a private bedroom (berth in boat speak), full kitchen, dinette area and upper lounge area. The back deck has a beautiful view of the harbor and the upper deck catches some nice breezes. Inside the cabin can be air conditioned so that I can enjoy every channel cable offers, plus the previous owners installed a flat screen with full cable hook-up. Nice, considering we didn’t even have full cable at the house.

I have been bouncing back and forth from the house and houseboat while I get more of the house construction ready and more in need of a place that isn’t so construction ready. Last weekend, I had some of our neighborhood friends stop down and check out the boat. Ferris and I kicked the evening off with our favorite boat beverage and he quickly became the party animal. I should have known it would be a late night, but I can always expect a great time with our neighborhood friends. Ferris was not so chipper the next morning.


Summer said...

It was a blast Steve! Thanks! Just wish we could have been there earlier! Sorry for keeping Ferris up so late. Good call on the diet tonic water. He doesn't need the extra calories. ;-)

Steve said...
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Steve said...


I would like to consider myself a responsible owner, thank you for noticing!

I'm glad Matt remained dry after his near fall into the harbor. Yuck.

CK said...

G+Ts are a good summer choice, I support Ferris in his partying ways!


PS the boat sounds awesome!