Thursday, August 7, 2008

2nd floor coming along nicely

The second floor framing is moving along nicely, although there are some more twists and turns compared to the third floor.

This will be the washer/dryer closet with the original chiffarobe doors parallel to the railing

This view is looking into the middle bedroom/den toward the closet

The rear of the second floor has the walls framed, the interior walls should be completed by next week

Not sure what Ferris is thinking, but he seems to be handling things well. We did have an algae bloom this week on the harbor and the end result isn't pretty, visually or to the nose. The first to die are the fish, crabs, and surprisingly an eel. The eel really bothered be because it kept getting hung up around the boat. Blah. I would have gotten a photo of the corpses, but I was more overcome by the thought that I was sleeping at water level surrounded by so much death. The City Sanitation boat came out and sucked up all the dead creatures, big and small. Now the water has a murky green haze to it. Considering the state of the water, I find it funny that when DC and Baltimore were vying for the 2012 Olympics, they actually thought they could reverse engineer the Inner Harbor to be safe for the triathlon events to be held there. The green haze proves otherwise in my book.

As for the cats, they seems to be doing well at our neighbor's house despite being on other cats' turf. Nothing a little albacore tuna won't fix. I'll grab some pics of them next time I'm over there.

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