Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Its good to be....home??

Yep, I'm back from 6 weeks in Canada at World Nuclear University. The time flew by, I made lots of great friends from all over the world (first visit...Argentina perhaps?) and I even managed to learn a bit...and not just about the bars and pubs of Ottawa either!

But its good to back in Baltimore! I'm still trying to get back into the routine of normal life...though our life right now is far from normal! What a shock to go from 6 weeks in nice hotels to the living situation at the Vilardo-Gondol household! We're like refugees! We've got our stuff spread out all over SE Baltimore. Steve and Ferris have adjusted quite well to life on the water...but the boat is definitely a bachelor pad, its perfect for a guy and his dog. Our saint of a neighbor Kelly took in the cats, they're locked away on the third floor because of turf wars with Kelly's cats (it makes me think of that movie Flowers in the Attic). What about me?? I'm still trying to figure out what I'll do. I think I'll split time between Kelly's third floor, the boat, and maybe some time at my cousins out in the country (Ellicott City).

The contract with BGC anticipates 4 months for the project...which means late October or early November... If only WNU were 10 weeks longer....


Laura said...


Feel free to hide up here any time you want. I promise you can even sleep through the night in a bed if you want!


PS steve and Ferris can come too

Robert said...

as you may know we have started a family commune in northern virgina and we are always looking to grow the family.

feel free to visit anytime you need a break....or fresh shower.

Marisa said...

Thanks cousins!! May take you guys up on those offers sometime in the next couple months!