Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun weekend and more new walls

Most times when I would invite my father to Baltimore, it was with the sincerest purpose to help Marisa and I fix, build, or move something. That routine can tire a man out. So last weekend, I invited my parents to Baltimore with the sole purpose of enjoying some of the City's best treasures, great dining establishments, and the close quarters of the houseboat!

Mom was digging the “convenience” of the houseboat. Everything within arms reach! We were able to sneak a trip to the house in on Saturday, not so much to show off the work more so to reassure them that I haven't lost my mind and chosen boat life over land and that we still have a home to go home to at the end of this process.

As for the house, the second floor framing should be complete today! Here’s some pics of the newest room added to the house:

Rear Guest Bedroom

I realize these photos don't look like much of anything, other than a bunch of sticks between the floor and ceiling, but the rooms are taking shape.

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