Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just kidding MOM!

Mom, did you really think we would add another pet(s) to this household? Patterson & Parker were found in our beautiful park by a staff member of the neighborhood restaurant, which could not keep two stray puppies because of health code and no one would be there overnight.

Our neighborhood association has a weekly walk on Wednesday’s nights, Citizens on Patrol. We meet at 7 and walk till 8. It is a great way to keep an eye on the hood and catch up with neighbors and friends.

We were all having drinks and dinner afterwards at Three (restaurant) when they mentioned finding the puppies Wednesday afternoon. We quickly mobilized and brought them to our house (what is there to damage?), washed them up in the basement utility sink, applied tick and flea treatment and then let them get a bite to eat. They are cute. We think they are part beagle and basset or entirely one or the other.

NO we (Marisa & I) are not keeping them (show me a boat big enough for two adults and three dogs). We all took turns holding them so that we could send similarly devastating photos to our parents showing more pets, still no grandkids! Thankfully a neighbor's brother and his wife offered to take them for the night and get them to the vet the next day.

Hopefully we will see these two little guys around our neighborhood. Great job everyone getting these guys cleaned up!

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Sarah said...

Our puppies are famous-- I love that they ended up on your blog! (Jen sent me the link!!) Parker and Patterson say, "Woof Woof! Thanks for rescuing us and giving us a bath! We love our new home in Hampden and promise to visit Patterson Park lots."

See you guys soon! - Sarah and Chris, (and Parker and Patterson too!)