Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beer, BBQ, and Paint Stripper

As true procrastinators, we didn't even begin with the stripping till after 5:00 today. We had signed up to pour beer at the Fells Point Fun Fest and that's an event neither of us would miss! We have volunteered at the beer garden for the past several years and it’s always a blast. Great people, beautiful weather and as much beer as you can drink! The beer garden was pretty quiet today because the Ravens played at 1:00 so we poured a few and drank a lot from 11-3.

After the Fest, and with a nice mid-afternoon buzz, we headed to our neighbors for a BBQ...pulled pork and pit beef and all for a good cause. Mike lost his mom to breast cancer earlier this year and was raising money for the clinic that cared for her in her final days.

A quick siesta at Kelly's followed the BBQ and then we finally headed to the house to start stripping! ....And believe it or not, the soy gel actually worked! I was shocked! and relieved that a visit to Home Depot was unnecessary.

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