Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiting for paint to dry...

That's what we've been up to since Friday. I finally got to go into the house Saturday morning to see the floors...they look gorgeous! Sorry no pictures for now...tonight, I hope.

The weekend was errand-full. I painted the outside of the claw-foot tub with two fresh coats of glossy black. We did the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 4 mile walk Sunday morning (it was a beautiful day for it!). Then we headed down to the boat to clean it out. It was kind of sad to pack it up! We confirmed what we suspected all along; dog fur and boat carpet are a bad combination. The boat is maybe 300 sqft but it took over an hour of vacuuming to collect all of Ferris' fur!

Monday the final coat went on the floors…more waiting.

Monday night brought us our favorite handy-man, Steve’s dad Big Steve! Big Steve was instrumental in remodeling our kitchen back in 2005. As I previously mentioned on here, Steve is not very handy. When Steve tried to help Big Steve with the kitchen remodel, he nearly electrocuted himself sticking a giant screwdriver into an electric box in an attempt to remove the electric box from a stud….saved us all a trip to the basement to flip the breaker! Big Steve is here this time with his paint sprayer and will be spending the next 3 days painting for us. Steve was very happy to tell Big Steve last night that he managed to get all day Thursday and half of Wednesday off from work to help Big Steve paint….I’m not quite sure how to describe the look that came across Big Steve’s face when he heard he’d have an assistant….definitely not one of joy!

Speaking of paint, Steve thought I was crazy when I told him that we needed to pick out a bedspread before picking out paint for the bedrooms so that the paint and the bedspread would coordinate….he’s had 2 people tell him that of course I’m right so far. Please feel free to echo!

And finally, in our usual style, we’ve overcommitted ourselves yet again and are signed up for broom ball, first game is tonight. I played broom ball a couple times at Ohio Univ but never sober. We were advised to invest in shin guards to protect against ex-field hockey players….yikes. Drinks beforehand sound like a good idea!

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catlink53 said...

Yes Steve..... the bedspread comes beforethe paint! :-)
Your remodeling has been fun to follow!
Love, Aunt Cathy