Thursday, October 16, 2008


Notice anything wrong with this picture? Look closely. See the little black hexagons? They should be in a pattern that makes sense....they're not. We didn't notice the problem till after they started grouting. We were torn as to whether or not to tell JD, the project manager. Part of me wanted to becuase I know it would bother me everytime I walked in there. But part of me didn't want to say anything becuase of what delays or costs would be involved in fixing it. We decided not to say anything and live with it.

BUT THEN! JD called Steve on Tuesday and said "Steve, we have a problem." After Steve's heart resumed beating, JD told Steve about the messed up tile pattern and informed him that the tilers would be out this week to rip it all up and start all over again! Which is good that it'll be right...but bad that to me this says delay. And my desire to be in by election day is quickly approaching!

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Steve said...

I guess we will file that under Whoops!