Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Steve, the Painting Machine

Big Steve was painting for us till 7:30 last night...with no heat, no radio, no food, and most atrociously, no BEER! And after that we dragged him to watch us play broomball before we finally took him to the bar for dinner. It was so bad that Steve's former roommate, Graham, offered to step in and help Big Steve get unionized to get better treatment! That’s what we get for procrastinating and packing too much into a too short weekend and not having things ready for him. We were able to get all but the first resolved today and luckily the house has been holding around 65 degrees.

Steve stepped in to help Big Steve this afternoon. I think the day can be ruled a success as no one was injured and there was no obvious damage. By the time I got home, he was tasked with clean up...not too bad!

P.S. Broomball was awesome! It was so much fun! Of all the sports Steve and I dragged our parents to while we were kids, I think Big Steve might agree that broomball is one of the better spectator sports...he got to watch Steve run around an ice rink in tennis shoes and fall on his ass repeatedly for 40 minutes!....sorry, no pictures.

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