Monday, October 13, 2008

Why NOT throw a party during a renovation?!?

For the past 2 years, our block has hosted a marathon party...marathon party in two senses really, we cheer on the crazy people running the marathon as they run past and the party lasts all day! There was no doubt in my mind, regardless of the state of the house, the party must go on! The party is mostly outside anyway.

Steve skipped the party this year and instead headed back to Cincinnati for UC's homecoming weekend. But with the help of neighbors, we were ready to go at 8:30am! Bloody Marys, mimosas, lots of cow bell, and our neighbor blasted the Rocky theme song, Chariots of Fire, the Olympics medal music, etc. There's nothing better than drinking before noon on a beautiful fall day. And this year was especially great because we had several neighbors run the race. I'll post pictures camera ended up at our neighbors during the clean-up effort!

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Chris said...

Finally some Blog love, I am glad that somebody is updating it. Can't wait for the pics..