Saturday, October 4, 2008

Strip tease!

No, not by me! Steve and I will both be stripping this weekend...stripping paint that is!

Back in July the contractors uncovered some lead paint on the floors of the 2nd floor and rather than pay them big bucks to remediate the problem, we decided to tackle the project. I naively thought Steve would take care of it over the summer while I was in Canada...ha! Wishful thinking I suppose. Almost 5 years of marriage have taught me that he's just as much of a procrastinator as I am....maybe even worse. This week the contractor told Steve that we have to get it done ASAP cause the floor refinishing is coming up quick on the schedule. So we're finally taking action.

Steve and I both try to be environmentally conscious in the way we live our lives (yes I commute 45 miles to work each way but hey, I work in the nuclear energy industry! which I would argue offsets the carbon I generate during my commute!). Steve takes his environmental stewardship a bit further than I do. To strip the paint, he's selected Soy Gel Paint Remover which I picked up for him at a great environmental home store Amicus Green Building Center near my office. I'm skeptical....very skeptical. I envision a trip to Home Depot in our near future to pick up the good, strong, non-environmentally friendly, chemical version that smells like my Nano's wine!! But we'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes....

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